The power of a true bagel

Yesterday I catered for an event about writing across generations,  at Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield.

TD is a special place; they are nearing the end of their ‘fringe’ season; and in September they will be putting on Departure Point – a space for new theatre.

feedback frm thetare delicatessen eventI was really flattered when someone who had been at the writing event made a special effort to come to me to say what delicious food it was. She also said how wonderful the bagels were.

more feedback from theatre delicatessen eventSo what makes them special? They are vegan and organic and handmade, well yes that’s ok. Lots of bread is and it does make a difference.

Supermarket or mass produced bagels on burlapbagels often tastes like manufactured  bread with a hole in it. When the bagles are t in the oven they are steam injetced first.

In contrast true bagels are boiled before baking (there is a science to this too!).

And before the boiling that the long, slow second proving.

This is the power of the true bagel.


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