Don’t grow volts?

I went off to Lincoln today to see Matthew who runs a wheelys cafe there. The Wheely’s product seems great and i am keen to see it – but due to a misunderstanding Matthew was not there.

So instead i got to thinking about bigger and probably more important things.

If you got to Lincoln by train from Sheffield before you get to Saxilby, you will see out of the left hand window, acres of solar panels.

food or solar panels?What do we think about this? I cannot work it out. Every so often i think – how good it is that technoloy has come so far. And then when looking at the ones outside Lincoln, i think: this is not marginal land; this should be growing stuff.

Instead it is growing volts so we can microwave some processed chemicals from the supermarket.

What do you think?

Poppy’s a winner for Sheffield CAB

students : get 20% off!
students : get 20% off!


winner septemberDon’t forget to colour in October’s adventure for your chance to win half a dozen filled bagels.



Well done to Judy who is the winner of September’s colouring comp.

Judy and 5 of her fantastic colleagues at Sheffield Citizen’s Advice will be having a bagel lunch – just tell me what you would like !


Canada bagels 24 * 7

Having traveled in Canada this summer – actually a postage stamp part of it really – Vancouver and Vancouver Island, which is about as big as England in itself – there is an array of places to discover as far as ating is concerned. Food trucks galore – and elaborate in the way only north amercians can do.

So we fund the following places by chance – it is not meant to be the best of BC, just places i went to who i though were great: good food, reasonable pricing and friendly service.

Jiggers fish and chips ( was mouth wateringly good and would appear on any good food guide too, not just mine. They are truck in Uvclcuelet with inside and outside seating.

Bread and Honey cafe ( was an oasis in Parksville : wonderful hash browns and was rather taken by serving cherry jam with the eggs.

Siegel’s Bagelsseigels fire ( in Vancouver is a must: watch the wood oven with wonder as bagels come out 24 * 7. Great Rosemary and rocksalt bagel with just cream cheese is wonderful.


Look out for book and bagels from September

So these past 7 weeks at Union Streetshort tower of bagel has been great. Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported The Tower of Bagel.

The Tower of Bagel will be back in September: za’atr bagels will be set to return after good feedback on Monday, new styles of cream cheese mixed and a change of cakes.

Watch out too for books and bagels, a monthly event through the Autumn to encourage community reading and eating and talking.

Have a good summer, The Tower of bagel will be back on September 5th 

EU Bagel Competition time!

Guacamole, cream cheese and houmus. The traditional Irish bagel?!
Guacamole, cream cheese and houmus. The traditional Irish bagel?!

The Irish tricolour bagel seemed quite popular yesterday. (guacamole, cream cheese, morrocan houmus)

For a free bagel and salad combo next Monday (July 4th): suggest a vegetarian filling or a salad along the same lines. The best suggestion wins it (not brexit!).
Tweet to @towerofbagel using hashtag #EUbagelcomp or email by Friday 1st July at 1pm

Popeye soup at pop up

spinachFamously spinach was used by Popeye for ingestion of strength – something inspired by the supposedly incorrect quantities of iron available in the leaf.

Even so it is full of ‘good stuff’ (i wont get any more technical than that, plenty of other places do though).

As important, it is delicious – so look out for vegan spinach soup at  the TTOB Union Street pop-up next week., June 20th




Have a bagel lunch and help build civil society in Gaza

Through this year, The Tower of Bagel will be raising money to help women in Gaza go to University via the Sheffield based Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund
I am kickstarting this with a special benefit on May 23rd at Union St Cowork space starting at 9 am and finishing at 4 pm
All profit from this special event will go to the Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund.
For each £420 raised we can secure the fees for one person to attend University for one year to do a non medical degree. £630 helps secure a place for a medical degree for one year.
Come and eat share enjoy and help build civil society in Gaza.