Onion bagel comes into its own

Halloumi and spinach on an onion bagel with a drizzle of olive oil and finely chopped green chilli

We tend to get stuck with bagel fillings in the traditional many revolving around cream cheese – on its own, or with smoked salmon if you eat fish, and either with dill pickle. These are great but it is good to find something else to try from time to time

Here is a great mix for an onion bagel:

  • Fry up some halloumi (do this quite slowly so that it does not burn but just browns and retains some moisture)
  • Cut your bagel in half and place some raw baby spinach leaves  on the bottom  half of the bagel. (If you prefer, you can steam the spinach first)
  • Drizzle a little olive oil on top of the spinach and sprinkle some finely chopped green chili.
  • Halloumi is quite salty already so salt can be left out if you like and the chilli means black pepper is also not needed. Even so,  add both to make it as you like
  • Place the halloumi on top
  • Eat! Eat! Eat!

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