Big up to AFC Unity…

AFC Unity away shirt with tower of bagel logo

I love sport.  And i  love seeing people do great things with it. It is one of the reasons why i wanted to sponsor AFC Unity this season.  Their inclusive approach is so encouraging when so much around us seems to shut people out.

At whatever level we play our sport – and by and large mine across a range of sports can be categorised as ‘competent and energetic but without flair’ – we can have times that trigger, years later, emotional memories. These can be ones of joy (or ones of deep regret) but alwasy emotion

I was struck by this when I read AFC Unity’s Rachel Rodgers’ ‘random fact’ – a delightful sporting memory. I imagine she crackles with glee each time she remembers her moment.

Me? My best memory is scoring no points but exhibiting that hard work trait against an international squash player. The phenomenon of being on the court with an athlete at a world class level was breathtaking (literally!)

Good luck to AFC Unity this season. It is a privilege to sponsor this team.

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