What on earth are pizz-agels?

So, over the past couple of weeks the team at Nether Edge Pizza and me have got together and bakes some bagels in their wood fired oven.

We are planning to do this again, December 8th and December 9th from 8.30-11.30 (or until we are sold

out!) . The menu is available here.

We are committed to sourcing as much as we can from local providers: Birdhouse Teas, Frazers Coffee, cream cheese from Zeds. Spreads from Sheffield Honey and Just Preserves

So what are pizz-agels?


Bagels baked lovingly in a wood-fired pizza oven

Bagel pizza:

A bagel cut open then dressed with tomato sauce and other pizza toppings before being placed back in the oven or under a grill


Chilli and chocolate bagel – an experimental experience

chill-choc-and-tahiniNot something i thought i would enjoy but i thought i should experiment and I was surprised. A subtle sweetness which is followed by a mist of heat moving from the throat to the front of the mouth.

But what would you have this with?

So, of course i asked the world according to Google. There are lots of ideas. I love the patronising : Try spreading them with unsalted butter. 

Not sure why unsalted – i dont think i have trouble spreading butter of any kind, salted or otherwise.

I tried light tahini and was pleased with the result. I also tried some Longley Farm cream cheese (available from Zeds) and this was very easy to like, nor was it difficult to spread .

So, there it is the Aztec Fire Bagel one of a number of  variations available from tower of bagel!


Andy Murray’s EU breakfast

Andy Murraybulgarian flag has said he has two bagels and watermelon for breakfast. Why not come along on Monday and do just that?

Next Monday, try our vegan TRT for breakfast (smoked tofu, rocket and tomato, with a lace of chilli sauce) and start the day with the Bulgarian flag.

Top this with a blueberry and cream cheese on a cinammon and raisin bagel (for your Finnish flag) and then slide down some watermelon (for some light relief).

Then play tennis!