Bagels Babka Challah and other breads

You can buy a range of bread products besides bagels from Tower of Bagel .  Vg =  Vegan. Please call to order.

Babke: a braided rich bread filled with chocolate , raisins and cinnamon.
Bagels: where it all began! (Vg)
Challah: a rich brioche type loaf for  celebration of festivals and special occassions (not available as a vegan
Sourdough Focaccia: a moist rich bread topped with either
  • olives and courgettes and rosemary or
  • tomatoes and peppers and mushrooms and chilli
Multiseed  boule: a sourdough loaf using a mix of organic white and wholemeal flour with a mix of seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame. This is a moist nourishing bread which also comes as a sandwich loaf if required. (Vg)
Rugelach: this is not strictly a bread but is an essential for any Jewish baker.Vegan or non-vegan versions available, these are a rolled pastry filled with either a rich chocolate and cinnamon  or a special spiced tahini mix .

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